👋 Hi

I am Zhou Fang, curretly a application & platform engineer at Yahoo Japan Corporation.
I graduated from Knowledge Acquisition System Laboratory, University of Tsukuba.
My research focuses on developing machine learning algorithms, recommender systems, and graph neural networks.

💻 Programming

Java stands as main language in my work.
I mainly use Python, Lua, C++, and Go in daily development and research.
I also used PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Swift, and more in multiple extracurricular projects, but not mastered them.

😻 Hobbies

  1. Reading
    • I loved Chinese online novels before, now I prefer science fiction.
  2. Watching Videos
    • My interests lay in economics, politics, philosophy.
  3. Gaming
    • World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, Overwatch, etc. I played many games in different types.
  4. Music
    • I strongly love J-POP! Sometimes classic.
  5. Cooking
    • I would cook Chinese foods and make mixed drinks if I have time.

🏫 Education & Career

2022.04 ~Application & Platform Engineer @ Yahoo Japan Corporation🌱 NOW
2020.04 ~ 2022.03University of Tsukuba🌻 Master (Engineering)
2016.04 ~ 2020.03Ritsumeikan University🌻 Bachelor (Engineering)
2011.09 ~ 2014.07Hangzhou Foriegn Language School🌻 Graduated
2008.09 ~ 2011.07Hangzhou Foriegn Language School🌻 Graduated

📃 Publications

  1. Towards an Angry-Birds-Like Game System for Promoting Mental Well-Being of Players using Art-Therapy-Embedded Procedural Content Generation
    IEEE 8th Global Conference on Consumer Electronics (GCCE), pp. 947-948. IEEE, 2019.
    Fang Zhou, Pujana Paliyawan, Ruck Thawonmas, and Tomohiro Harada.
     arXiv | IEEE Xplore
  2. 健康促進のためのプレイヤー適応型モーションゲーミング AI
    ゲームプログラミングワークショップ 2019
    許俊傑, 問馬樹, 方舟, パリヤワンプージャナー, 原田智広 & ターウォンマットラック
     情報処理学会 | Researchgate