🌟 Contributed Projects

  • Gnome - Maybe the best desktop environments in Linux.
  • Deep Graph Library - Top-level Graph Neural Network library
  • ElvUI - Most used UI addon in World of Warcraft
  • anatole - A widely used Hugo theme

🚀 Running projects

Game Tools


  • Raspberry Pi Sample Codes - Robot code w/ GPIO (not yet)
  • CommanderPass - Arduino Wireless Password Input Device(including webapp, server program, macOS client, transmission program, input program)


  • EasyGA - Genetic Algorithm in golang


Life at Ritsumeikan University

Life at University of Tsukuba

💀 Stopped projects

  • FzCloud - Private cloud service
  • FzDownload - Offline download service
  • FzDNSTool Lite - Unblock Chinese services
  • FzVPN - VPN service for Chinese mainland users